Are you Suffering from Hip Related Problems?

Total Hip replacement surgery at SNG Hospital, Indore restores mobility and reduces pain in patients having damaged hip joints. This can be caused by various reasons including bone fractures, osteoarthritis or tumors. Consider total hip replacement surgery no less than a miracle in lifetime….

Need a world-class treatment for Hip Injury, Just go for ‘’Dr. Divyanshu SN Goyal’’.

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Don’t Ignore Your Hip Joint Pain

Get Revolutionary Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery with Innovative Approaches

Dr. Divyanshu is a well known senior joint replacement surgeon in Indore, MP. He provides the ultimate solution for painful joints that are being difficult to manage with conservative treatment. The department of Orthopedic and Joint Replacement at SNG Hospital has a range of advanced treatments that aims at providing state-of-the-art treatment and services possible. Being a top joint replacement surgeon he does the surgery through the method called minimally invasive surgery where the muscles around the joints are ‘’not cut’’’.


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Looking for the best care in the field of joint replacement surgery? Dr. Divyanshu is a specialist Hip & Knee Surgeon & Consultant from Indore who has specialization in small incision knee surgery.

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Dr. SN Goyal has a center of excellence for Joint, Hip and Knee replacement surgeries. He works with a team of Anesthesiologists and surgeons to ensure a premium orthopaedic care experience possible.